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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Life of a City Bird

The bird population is growing leaps and bounds... unchecked and uncontrolled. I used to find a lot of these wild birds in the marsh lands and lagoons. Now i have noticed that they have started moving to the city as i see a lot of them around where i live. Nothing wrong with that, they too have a right to live a better life, to live the American dream :-)

Here are their 2 cents on the city life.

The original content and images from this post are now available on the new website. Click here or on image to be re-directed to the new site

The original content and images from this post are now available on the new website. Click here or on image to be re-directed to the new site

Read what the birds had to say after the jump...


  1. Oh ari, these are beautiful!

    i was saying to myself as i started going thru the pictures, this one is the best lookin bird or the cutest one and then all of them looked so beautiful!
    awesome colours! and nice captions too! especially the "living on the edge" one!

    but cud u tell me how did u manage to get pictures of birds sitting. i mean i know u must've zoomed in. but every time i try to get a bird pic, the creature just flies off!

  2. Some awesome shots...well done!

  3. Hi Ari
    Loved this post...beautiful birds!
    I am such a bird lover, so I enjoyed this soooo very much!
    Thanks Ari....your pictures always leave me in AWE!!!!!

    Loved the birds comments...
    such witty birds they are!

    Take care Ari!

    I send lotsa hugs to you!


  4. Ari: You just mesmerized me.

    A small favor from you? Can u mail me to my ID and I have few queries for ya.

  5. Ari I just loved these pictures and the captions. made me laugh.thanks. Those pics were awesome.

  6. Very nice, the birds that live in the cities.
    I like the sparrows

  7. sadly we don't see such colorful birds here in our city .. only dang crows and pigeons .. the picture are stunning, the details amazing. Loved the colorful birds .. sooo cute.

  8. Funny this - I was just looking at a beautiful bird out of my window this morning... alas, my camera was not with me then..

    I love the way the background is blurred... it brings out the sharp colourful colours on the birds nicely, I think...

    And - hehe! - loving the captions... perhaps you would care to think of a couple for me over at my photo blog? :D

  9. The quality of these pictures is great, and the subject is nery new to me! Yes, birds are finding a way to live close to can they do that?


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