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Monday, March 23, 2009

A New Home - - Dreaming In Pixels

Shutter Happy Images Has Moved!!

It has been around 18 months since i posted here. My priorities had changed, responsibilities increased and absolutely no time to work on the one thing i love the most... Photography. I haven't responded to emails and comments on this blog in a while, my bad. I will respond as and when i find time. I apologize in advance if i miss writing back to you.

In the last 18 months, i have been working on my own website (whenever i got a teeny tiny bit of time) and finally managed to finish what looked like a task was taking forever. I migrated my posts and comments from here to my new website (although i did loose a lot of comments during the migration process) and re-organized my posts to break them in smaller chunks. You might find some posts that look different from the ones posted here, yes, thats intentional. The images are completely re-processed, so they will look different as well.

I usually write about my photos in the form of a connected story, but i guess going forward i will not have the time or luxury to do that all the time. I will post photos whenever i find time. Thank you for being patient during my absence and i will be absolutely delighted if you stop by my new website, even if it is just to say Hi!

I will not be updating this blog anymore, but i will still keep it. You can follow my updates on Dreaming In Pixels using the section above that will always display the five most recent posts from over there.

Take care

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