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Monday, September 18, 2006

Pot of Gold... Anyone?

A room with a view...
How often does this come true?

It did, for us. We were in Waikiki, staying at the Hawaii Prince Hotel; lucky enough to get a room on the 8th floor with a view of the ocean. I woke up to a lovely morning, warm and sunny; a perfect day for the beach. Very soon, all my hopes were dashed by the rain which caught me by surprise. There goes my perfect day, i thought to myself and started sulking. I had been warned of these spells of rain which could dampen spirits and everything around.

The original content and images from this post are now available on the new website. Click here or on image to be re-directed to the new site

The original content and images from this post are now available on the new website. Click here or on image to be re-directed to the new site

But what i saw after five minutes made me go wide-eye and drop-jaw. The sun creeped out of the clouds slowly to unveil the most brilliant rainbow i had ever seen this close. The rain had stopped, making me wonder if the only reason for its existence was to let the sun paint this exotic rainbow. One end of this rainbow was on a boat docked in the marina, so is that where my pot of gold would have been?

Last night I dreamt a rainbow,
I ran towards it like a child.
I paced and raced in it's direction,
Oh, how long and hard I tried.

I fought every living foe,
just to reach my colourful crescent.
When I'd defeated every enemy,
my goal was twice as distant.

I slumped down against an oak tree,
and held my face within my hands.
Then like a flash as bright as the rainbow,
I thought up a masterplan.

Standing up from the tree stump,
without a whimper or a groan,
I let a tear fall from my eyes
and made a rainbow of my own

My Rainbow


  1. second too..
    those're beautiful rainbow pics,Ari..
    8th floor with a view of the ocean.. wow..
    i can visualise how it would beautiful!!
    Well whatever be the scientific reason,we're so thankful to God for allowing us to view such a fantastic rainbow things..

    hava great week to u too..

  2. Ari
    How very beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing those gorgeous rainbows!
    Now, I just know my whole day is going to be a rainbow kind of day!
    Here is a poem for you Ari!


    A pot of gold you're
    sure to find
    if to the rainbow's
    end you go-

    The man who has a
    pot of gold
    can't always find
    a rainbow

    -Margie (but, you sure can find that rainbow Ari)
    P.S Have a wonderful day!

  3. Ari: Nice post of rainbows. I love rainbow colors and always jump out to see the sky when I see it. I enjoyed the last picture coz the reflection in water (blue) looks awesome.
    Thanks for sharing...
    U 2 have gr8 wkend'

  4. Dude..this really is a fantabulous blog...loved the rainbow photographs and also the sting rays...u took them urself?

  5. The pot of gold is underwater :0 You have to dive to get it.

    Excellent shots.

  6. OK there are two things...One I know that your not going to believe this but there was a marvelous rainbow, one of the biggest and brightes Ive ever see today! I was so furious at myself I did not have my camera and normally it is with me all of the time! And then I see Beautiful I must add but I am so envious! Secondly could you please share with me how to "bloggroll"??..

  7. You are funny G :) Congrats on being the first and the second :-)

    Thanks for the comments. Take care

  8. Margie, my pleasure. I hope your day was as colorful.

    That was a lovely poem and so true.
    Thanks a bunch :)

  9. Hi Pranay, thanks. Yes, all pictures featured on this blog were taken by me.

  10. Thank you reflex :) Apologies for not commenting on your blog, i have now added you to my blogroll so i will know when you have a new post.

  11. Kimberley, i left instruction on your blog on how to blogroll. Hope they help.

  12. omg wut a beauty! I love rainbows and to capture it like that is AMAZING Ari!


  13. Awesome! "After the flood all the colors came out"

  14. hola unas fotos preciosas muy buena un saludo

  15. those pics are so beautiful and clear that i felt i was seeing one myself from the 8th floor!
    excellent pics, ari. cheers!

    - rk

  16. Hey Ari
    Great pics, while we were driving to scotland we too saw a beautiful rainbow, it was as if it was welcoming us. Well it welcomed us to a weekend of heavy rain..hehehehe
    Great poem too Ari :-)

  17. Fantastic pictures! What a view....lucky you.

    My favourite rainbow song:
    Maine tere liye hi saath rang ke sapne chune....sapne surile sapne.....

  18. Beautiful post on rainbows. what an awesome pic. I think believing that ther is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow makes life more meaningful and gives you the strength to go on. I love these lines

    "In my dream
    I went to the end of the rainbow
    and the treasure i found there
    was you".

  19. Just beautiful Aamir, I have never been lucky with rainbows. People like Galileo would have tried to trap it in the past, poor chaps never had a camera.
    great view Aamir, but not good for metalic things. and not good for lenses.

  20. My Oh My .. what a great capture .. many just see a rainbow from the center .. u actually saw the edge .. pot of gold? i think we have seen gold already .. the picture .. awesome capture.

  21. its actually a double rainbow.

  22. Ari
    Just stopping by
    to say "Hi!"
    hope you have a great day
    in every way!


  23. Manuel Tendero Gil,
    muchos gracias and welcome to my blog

  24. photo-effe, thanks and welcome to my blog.

  25. Suji, thank you for the song. I like that one.

  26. starry, you said it right. That belief keeps us going. thanks for the comments.

  27. Rauf, thanks so much for the comments. I loved the big boats on your blog. I agree, sea coast is not a good place for cameras and lenses. Need to be careful.

  28. Nabeel, yeah, it is a double rainbow. I was lucky to see the end of a rainbow which i never saw before in my whole life.

  29. Margie, you are so sweet and i am so sorry for not visiting your blog. I missed you and your poems. I will stop by soon.

  30. Loved the pic of the two rainbows together, over the dockyard ! so so surreal and beautiful ! would love to go there sometime ! *hugs*

  31. Jesus Christ...This is freakishly beautiful...So Ethereal :)

    Stay Beautiful..!!

  32. I think good luck is going to be on your side from now on! I love the last shot where it looks like the rainbow is surging from the water.

  33. Ari, :) made me smile! I've never captured a rainbow with my camera-only ones caused by stained glass and glass necklaces. Your images are extremely breathtaking! Loved reading the information on rainbows, the descriptions, and the poems. Thanks so much for sharing!

  34. Would you be willing to share how you got Cooliris to work with blogspot? I found the tutorial on adding it to a regualar webpage, but I can't get it to work with my blogspot page. Thanks, Mike (


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