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Friday, September 15, 2006

A Ray of Light

Steve Irwin's death has me disturbed ever since i heard about it. It was a tragic and a freak accident that has every one shocked and shaken. He was a person the world admired for his guts, courage and fearlessness. He lived the life he wanted, the way he wanted and pushed it to extreme boundaries that no ordinary human could even think of. He always lived life on the edge and enjoyed doing what he did.

The original content and images from this post are now available on the new website. Click here or on image to be re-directed to the new site

The original content and images from this post are now available on the new website. Click here or on image to be re-directed to the new site

The tragic accident resulting in his death was caused by a Stingray which is the most docile and timid of the sea creatures. What is ironic is that the Stingray is not on Steve Irwin's list of the most dangerous creatures in the world. In the last one decade, it has been estimated that there have been less than 30 deaths caused by Stingrays worldwide and Steve Irwin's is the thrid known death in Australia.

I'm sure you all know by now how he died from the Stingray barb, so i wont talk much about it. Besides his death, there was something else in the news that was bothering me for the last couple of days. I heard it on radio, saw it on tv and read it online yesterday. It is about people retaliating and attacking Stingrays probably in order to take revenge for his death. Here are the links
ABC News

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some information about Stingrays and let people know that Stingrays are harmless and very docile creatures.

Rest in Peace Steve Irwin. You were our "Ray of Light" and we will miss you.


  1. Ari
    Thank you for sharing those 2 links.I did not know about this.
    How very horrible and sad that people would be so cruel to attack stingrays in revenge for Steve's death.
    I can just imagine how upsetting it would be to Steve to know this was happening.
    I hope this will not continue to
    go on.
    You said...
    stringrays are beautiful and graceful swimmers gliding like flying carpets over the ocean floor
    Yes, they are that!

    Thanks for these beautiful pictures Ari!
    and all the info.
    Take care!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Ari
    I didn't know it either.Its shocking and RIDICULOUS.
    And what great pics Ari. Reallt great. I am amused. I thought you had taken it off net (no offence but with sting rays being so much in news, I really did think it was off internet. You are just great

  3. Great shots. I esepcially like the one that's against the glass looking up, very cool. I also like the one with the diver.

    I was shocked with the rest of the world about Steve. It is very weird that this freak accident happened with a stingray. Definitely not the creature people would have thought would take his life.

    I agree, people shouldn't retaliate against these animals.

    Thanks for the comments on my Blog by the way. I appreciate it.

  4. Ahhh such vivid beauty on your blogg. Very impressive! The words you compose compare parallel with the shots you shoot. I will continue to stop by and admire your talent. BTW Thanks so very much for stopping by my spot and for the flattering comment. Stop by any time I would appreciate any constructive critism.

  5. Ari,
    me too dint know about's really shocking..
    And what an amazing pics,Ari..Splendid!!
    A great work indeed..You know one thing..i opened yours and Rauf's blogs in diff windows..A real feast for my eyes..

  6. How stupid people can get, they are pretty harmless creatures.
    Beautiful pictures again Aamir.

  7. You had commented on my blog some time ago.

    Just came here to check out your blog and I absolutely LOVE the photos. Are you a professional photographer? And did you take the photos of the Sting rays yourself? If yes, you must also be a very good diver.

    Do check back on my blog when you get any time.


  8. Amazing photos.

    Pizzaparty at my place.

  9. Hey Ari
    Or shall I call you Mr. ESP?
    Well, I do hope you might be having a fun time jet skiing!
    I am off to take the doggie for a walk...
    You will need to tell me where I go... Ok! Mr. ESP!

    C'ya later!


  10. Hey great work ! I liked the content of your post! Lovely write up on Steve Irwin and Sting Rays

  11. lovely pics, bro; i recall seeing some at the London Aquarium. i know it would sound callous, but i don't even know why there is so much fuss and media-hype about Irwin's death. Ok, there are so many people out there dying too, and this one was killed by a creature, probably mistaken to be a predator. I wish the hype dies down. Doing no good to the world or stingrays. Great post again ! (P.S: i think i touched one of those at the museum. we were allowed to at an open pond. Not sure if they were sting rays or eels, but definitely looked like a sting ray)

  12. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. thats really awful for people to take it out on these poor creatures.If they have any love or respect for steve they would not do something like this.because he loved animals and would never hurt one.

  13. Margie, Thanks for your thoughts. I know it is a horrible thing to do. I wish people stop killing these innocent creatures.

    Hope you are having a good weekend.

  14. Radhika, Yes, it is ridiculous.

    Thanks for the compliments :-). These pictures were taken during my trip to Hawaii. This is from the Maui Ocean center and it is a very lovely place.

    If you see a copyright logo at the right-bottom of the pictures, it means those pictures are mine. If i use pictures from the internet, i make sure i give credit to the source. :-)


  15. Chad, thank you for your comments. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  16. WOW!!!! Great information & awesome photos!! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you're haveing a GREAT weekend! :o)

  17. Kimberley, Welcome to my blog and thanks for the nice words. They are appreciated :-) Please stop by here when you can and i will stop by yours too.

    Take care

  18. G, thanks for the nice comment. I get inspired by Rauf's pictures. He is the main reason i started blogging, else all my pictures would have been collecting spiderweb in my hard-disk.

    You are awesome Rauf and thanks for inspiring me.


  19. Guns, good to see you again here. Thanks for your comments.

    Photography is my hobby, not my profession, though i would like to get into it at some point in my life. Yes, i took the pictures of the stingray, but i wasnt diving when i took them. They are from the aquarium and it was feeding time when i took the pictures.

    Take care

  20. danne, thanks for the pizza. It was yummy

  21. Margie :-)
    I did not Jet-Ski. It is windy on the lake. Maybe next weekend. Say hi to the doggie :-)

  22. Blueberry, Welcome to my blog and thanks for your nice comments. Please stop by here when you get a chance and i will visit your blog too.
    Take care

  23. boo.. You are right, everyone dies. But what you do when you are alive is what makes you a different person. What Steve did cannot be compared to anyone. He did what no one else would have the guts to do. I have watched him on TV several times and he was the best crocodile hunter around. There is always a hype with everyone famous and there is nothing you can do about it. Just like the hype with Baby Shiloh and Baby Suri, it will die down on it own.

    Hope you had a fun weekend. Take care

  24. Hey starry,
    You are welcome. Animals are innocent. They do what they have to do in order to survive. They are not cunning or scheming like the humans.

  25. Jon Cox, thanks for your comments. Take care

  26. Ari
    I just wanted to tell you something that makes my heart so very glad.
    At the bike event Jeff was in this weekend, over $200.000 was raised for cancer.

    I had a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate last night after Jeff called to tell me... and, I swear I had a hangover this morning! Lol!
    Shows what a big drinker I am, huh?
    But, the doogie was there to let me time to sit and dwell
    on a sore head... as I had to take him for a walk.
    I felt all better after a wonderful walk with him.
    Animals make us feel so good!

    And, my weekend has been fantastic!
    Just lots of time spent reading...
    listening to music...taking walks with the doggie... and just thinking happy thoughts!
    Sorry you did not get to jet ski.
    Maybe next weekend!
    I love to jet ski!
    Can I tag along!
    Bye Ari!
    Take care
    and have a wonderful evening!


  27. Rauf, yeah. Steve's popularity and the grief over his loss is causing the death of Stingrays. I hope those incidents were isolated and this act does not spread across the rest of Australia.

    I missed reading your comment earlier, but later realized i had not responded to it, so here i am :-)

  28. Margie :-)
    congrulations to Jeff. The 200 Grand was worth raising for a cause. You must be proud of him.

    Sure, you can tag along with us :-) I too love to Jet-Ski, actually i love any water sports, i have an affinity towards water.

    Dont let the doggie drink and drive. You too take care. :-)
    Hugs to you...

  29. Ari while I mourn Steve's death too (actually im still not over the shock), I detest ppl's stupidity...ppl who go and kill these beautiful sea animal just cos Steve died from it. That's a stupid thing to do. ppl should realise that animals r animals. If we go into their territory we have to take care but if some accident happened then it's really not the animal's fault.

    And if ur abt to read my latest post, na I aint advertising Ari lol! I swearrrrrrrrrrr :):)


  30. Wow, amazing photos Ari. I especially like the last one with the light beaming through the photo. Supurb!

    Thanks also for stopping by and commenting at Portfolio Reeholio.

    Regards, Rhys

  31. AMAZING pics as usual. They r really such beautiful n elegant creatures. Its sad about Steve but even sadder that some ppl are using Steve as an excuse to kill these beutiful creatures.

  32. There you are keshi. I hope the flashing cameras did not blind you :) You look different in each picture. I will comment on your blog :)

  33. reeholio, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment. I loved the pictures on your blog too.
    Take care

  34. Suji, yeah it is sad. I hope they have stopped doing it because i dont hear much about it in the news now.

  35. Thanks ari!!!

    A good one and amazing pictures. No one has the right to take someones lives.

  36. Thanks Ari!
    I was pretty proud of Jeff!
    There were about a thousand riders in the event!
    All the money raised goes toward cancer... so, it is a great cause!
    I think I am going to ride in it next year... I have to do a lot of training to get ready for it though.

    No doggies drinking and driving here... he actually went home today, and I miss him a lot!
    I still have my cat to keep me company though!

    So, about the jet-skiing...
    I'll meet you at the lake
    at half-past eight!Lol!
    I am always rhyming... sorry!

    Well, take care Ari!
    Have a nice evening!
    Hugs n smiles...
    Margie :-)

  37. People attacking stingrays as a ridiculous can things get ??

  38. Ari,

    I must be out of the loop because I had no idea people were retaliating against stingrays. That's just absurd!

    Amazing pictures as always and thanks for the info, very interesting!


  39. Margie, I'm proud of you both. Such a noble cause.
    Good luck for next year.
    Dont worry, your doggie will visit you soon. :)
    take care

  40. Yes ash, it sounded ridiculous when i first heard about it

  41. Hey robyn, hope you had fun over the weekend.
    Thanks for the comments :)
    Take care

  42. Now I'm really jealous! I got to swim with them in Tahiti but they didn't pose for me like they did for you!

  43. Ari, even if stingrays killed my entire family, I could never do any harm to them. It's not their fault. I cannot imagine doing any harm to any creature, except for mosquitoes and small spiders. I have a hard time even killing ants or bigger spiders. I usually end up gently putting them in a tissue and taking them outside or vacuuming them up or getting my other family members to squish them. I HATE animal cruelty! People who do it should be seriously punished.

    I didn't even know people were being so stupid as to hurt these poor creatures! Very sad, but valuable post and wonderful photos of these beautiful rays!


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