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Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Tale of Two Pigeons - Week 3

Week 3 17 July - 23 July 2006

18 July 2006
The chicks grow at a rapid rate. As you can see, Carlos and Elvira have started getting defined features, gaining weight and growing pin feathers. They are still weak and need constant supervision from parents. This week marks the beginning of filth and ugliness. The nest starts getting dirty with poop as you can see in the pictures.

19 July 2006
Some more pin feathers grow out. The chicks are well fed at all times. If you see a big bulging chest, it means the chicks have been fed and are full.

20 July 2006
They finally learn to pose for the camera. The nest starts getting dirtier and filthier. It starts attracting ticks, mites and lice and other insects who come for the poop. Ever wonder why you dont see pigeons with their chicks? This is the reason. The pigeons are embarassed to be seen in public with scary looking little fuzzballs with pins sticking out. That's the reason they go the extra mile taking care of them till they grow up and start looking like real pigeons.

21 July 2006
Nest and surroundings continue getting more dirtier. Parents still take turns looking after the kids. Both parents and kids are oblivious to the dirty living standards.

23 July 2006
Carlos in front and Elvira in back. Elvira being the elder one is more developed. She has grown more pins than Carlos and looks bigger.

This was the weekend when the nasty heat wave hit California. It was blazing three digit temperatures outside and since the nest was right next to the a/c exhaust, we did not have the heart to turn on the cooler and scare them away. Portable fans did not help a bit. So we patiently sweated out through 94 degrees inside the house. Nights were hot as well.

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