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Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Tale of Two Pigeons - Week 4

Week 3 24 July - 30 July 2006

24 July 2006
It is still frickin hot, but we stop ourselves from flicking the switch of the air conditioner. Nights seem to be a bit better. Energy Alert and rolling blackouts happening in California, thankfully we weren't affected by the blackouts. Meanwhile, the nest gets dirtier and filthier and the chicks are getting chubbier. Have to keep the balcony door closed all times to prevent bugs from the nest from getting inside the house. The chicks seem to love the heat and the parents dont sit on them any longer. The pins have started growing out tiny feathers and they have increased in size a bit.

25 July 2006
Elvira makes an attempt to stand up. Today, she took her first steps and moved around a bit. Carlos just looked on for a while and went back to continue his noon nap. He obviously wasnt as excited as i was that his sister could walk. Parents dont roost in the nest anymore and the chicks are left unattended. I dont think that is a felony according to bird law, but if it was, im sure there would have been a nanny-bird looking after the chicks while the parents were away :)

26 July 2006
Okay, Elvira (sitting on the left side) has started growing out her feathers. The parents still come around to feed the chicks regularly (I dont know how many times, but the chicks are well fed everytime i go see them). The chicks are left alone and the parents are busy elsewhere. Are they trying to setup another nest and lay eggs? hmm.. i wonder

27 July 2006
The wings start growing out. More feathers start covering their bodies. They still continue to live in the filth they created. The nest looks and smells horrible. I have to use a face mask to go near them and hold my breath to take pictures.

30 July 2006
Juvenile pigeons are called squabs. They have started growing out full feathers and the yellow fuzz is shedding away. Not a lot of those ugly pins on their body though. They have started to speak (or must i say scream). They don't sound like a pigeon at all. They sound more like loud squeaking sparrows. They remain quiet most of the time, except when the parent brings in food. They create so much noise to attract the parent's attention and fight with their sibling to get more food. Sibling rivalry is very common with pigeons and the stronger squab always wins. For the unlucky and weaker squab, death by hunger or an "accidental fall" from the balcony is imminent. Thankfully, Elvira and Carlos stick together and take care of each other.

The parents still keep a watchful eye on the nest from a distance. The nest has become small for three birds. The parents dont come often and the squabs have outgrown the nest. They have started venturing areas out of the nest. They find a new place everyday and spend the night there.

Dont get any ideas here. They are just birds and are probably sharing their stir-fried worms with spicy garlic bug sauce ;)

Watch this space for updates...
Week 5 coming Soon...

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