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Monday, August 21, 2006

A Tale of Two Pigeons - Week 6

I know this story is getting boring with each post. Nothing interesting happening and i'm sure y'all are losing interest. If you feel like yawning, please go ahead, I understand :). To those interested, one more week left and i am done with this story :)

Week 6 : 7 Aug - 13 Aug 2006

8 Aug 2006
More development. They have shed most of their baby fuzz and are constantly gaining weight. Their feathers are looking prettier and fuller each day. They are still pampered by the parent who comes in with food.

9 Aug 2006
Parent keeps a watchful eye. Elvira and Carlos have grown almost as big as their parents.The only way i can differentiate the parent from the kids is by the color of their eyes.

10 Aug 2006
I come home from work and peep into the balcony from behind the blinds. Oh my goodness. It looks like a poop yard. The "Little Explorers" have ventured out fearlessly and have pooped all over the place as if they were celebrating their new found freedom. They dont sit on their poop filled tick infested nest anymore which by the way is all dried up and hardened like a cement block. It has grown small for the two of them and they need their own space. They now use the chairs in the balcony as their house.

They still hang around together. Thats what i like about them. Whenever i go close to them, Elvira starts screaming, starts to panic and hyperventilate. Carlos sits where he is, calmly looks at me in the eye and doesnt move a bit. He thinks he is Don Corleone, but when i reach out my hand to see if they get scared, they both dart for the nearest hiding spot. I find that really cute and funny.

11 Aug 2006
Receding hairlines, hair loss, bald heads, they dont seem to care.

12 Aug 2006
This was taken before i cleaned the balcony and wrecked their nest. It was such a mess. I covered my hair, put on my face mask, gloves, armed myself with a broom and a scrubber and started cleaning. Took me over an hour to clean while Elvira and Carlos sat in a corner and watched me do the dirty work. I will hose down the balcony and disinfect it once they fly away.

Watch this space for updates...
Week 7 Coming soon...

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