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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Big Caution - all Photo Bloggers

Blogger / BlogSpot / Google never deletes pictures uploaded on their site eventhough you deleted them from your post.

Try this... post a picture on your blog. Copy the url for that picture from your published post. Delete your post. You will think that picture was deleted with your post. WRONG!. Paste the image URL in your browser and voila... it shows up right away. This proves that eventhough your post is deleted, your images are still preserved on So dont post anything that you will regret for later... You may want to uploadyour pics/posts to your own site and FTP it from there to blogspot or upload to flickr and link from there (not sure if it works).

From now on, i will FTP all my pics to my own site and link to blogspot, this way i can control what i upload or delete. Everyone knows that 300MB is the size limit per blog on BlogSpot, and i think these orphaned image files which do not belong to any post add up to your blog size. Also, these images which do not belong to any post are searchable in Google images...So freaky...
Another Link

If anyone knows of a way to delete the images, please let me know. Till then i will stay away from uploading images on BlogSpot. Adios.


  1. Thanks Aamir, what to do about albums ? can't do much.

    I'll come back after clearing my mail which has piled up, I see Saira's graduation pictures. I'll come back Aamir

  2. yeah..Aamir,i noticed it too..I'll try to find a solution for this.
    After all we need freedom for our doings..
    I'll post this thing in some of the communities,i know and get back to you if i have the remedy for this...

  3. just forgot to tell u..
    it's a nice new profile pic!!

  4. rauf, i bought some webspace and a domain name today. I will be uploading all my files there. No more uploading on blogger.

  5. Hi

    It's very nice to meet you. I had no Idea that blogger didn't delete our pictures when we did on our post! Thanks for letting us know...I'll keep this in mind. you asked me how I put those games on my page? it is amazing how it works and i have no Idea. I just pasted the code from fun codes at and inserted it in my blog post under html then blog says it would except the tags. just put a check in the little box where it says Stop showing this and post anyway.

  6. *Not* except the tags

    sorry about mistake

  7. hmm, interesting find, bro, but what i was wondering was, why would anyone post pics on a blog in the first place, that they might regret later ? i mean, people with public blogs put in pics for it to be viewed by the public right ? and i have rarely heard of anyone deleting the posts from their blogs. Hmmm, quite a dilemma. Happy Blogging though :)

  8. i know. My logic is simple. If i delete my post from the blog, *everything* should be deleted. I dont buy the concept of just the post being deleted and the images being retained. There will be copyright issues later (if you wish to sell the picture to someone) as blogger also owns your pictures.

  9. Thanks for the info. I never thought about it about copyright issues.

    Thanks for cheering me on.

  10. Thanks for the info. I never thought about it about copyright issues.

    Thanks for cheering me on.

  11. seriously, this is freaky n yet good info.. thanks for shring pal

  12. kandykane, anytime.
    Welcome to my blog :)

  13. frida, my pleasure. But please stay away from nicotine. Will power is all you need...

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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