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Friday, June 23, 2006

One Stormy Night

As a kid, I was fascinated by the bright flashes of lightning. Mom used to tell me that the lightning strikes and the thunder meant that the angels were punishing the sinners. I really believed that and used to count how many sinners were punished every night i heard the thunder. As i grew up, i used to look at lightning pictures taken by professional photographers and was awed by them.

I got my chance one night. It was a dark, cloudy, windy and cold night in 2003. The thunder roll was prominent and occasionally cracking loud. I saw it as an opportunity for me to shoot some pictures of the lightning arcs and got out on the balcony.

Our balcony has a very pretty and clear view of the mountains nearby. So i took my camera out and set it up on a tripod. The lightning arcs took their own sweet time to strike and my shutter-happy finger and camera weren't too fast to click when they struck. So i decided to take a chance and set the shutter to remain open for 15 seconds, reduced the exposure bias all the way down hoping i would get whatever showed up. Since it was a digital point and shoot camera, i couldn't adjust a whole lot of settings to get a better picture. Some pictures were overexposed as there were quite a lot of arcs in the 15 second window; some had none but i was lucky with a few pictures as there were only one or few arcs. The building you see at the bottom of the pictures is usually busy all the time, but was deserted and quiet that night; the lights on its walls kept turning on and off frequently and that spooked me off. Maybe the wind was shaking things up? Anyway... i'll stop my babbling here and move on with the pictures....

The original content and images from this post are now available on the new website. Click here or on image to be re-directed to the new site

The original content and images from this post are now available on the new website. Click here or on image to be re-directed to the new site


  1. Amazing pics,I must say,Aamir!
    And i liked the way your Mom said about thunder.But my mom used say in a different way..but it's less interesting..

  2. Wow! LOVE the first one and the one with the big cluster of light. So energetic! I love lightning and thunder and rain and clouds and everything about storms!

  3. This must have been a huge storm. I've tried to capture lightening on film. I would love see the overexposed pictures as well.

    It must have been breath taking being in the eye of the storm. The photos are fantastic.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Hi gangadhar, Thanks. Yeah, mom had a big bag of stories for everything.

    Hey chelsea, long time no see. Yeah, the burst of energy charges everyone up i guess. I love lightning.

    Hi frida, welcome to my blog. It wasn't a huge storm, lasted for maybe half the night. The overexposed pics were totally washed out, it looked like the building was against a white sky. I only posted a few that turned out good. Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Aamir,
    A great reasure,really..
    btw you're one of my family members..jus go and visit my blog for details....
    thank you

  7. Gorgeous pics, bro ! i know you would sock me in the eye if i asked you if these were really taken by you, tee hee hee :p but they are beautiful; love the energy in them; my fav. is the first pic; it's so colourful :)

  8. I love rain and especially when it thunders. I love your pictures here and your blog is really nice! :)

  9. This is brilliant stuff Aamir
    sorry for my late response
    lot of mail piled up
    lots of love


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