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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Random Thoughts!

This is my first post here and i thought why not start it with something pretty and cute :-) Here is a picture of the neighbor's cat which hangs around in our backyard most of the time. I know you must be thinking this kitty is photogenenic and likes to pose for the camera, but i'll have to tell you that when cats get comfortable, they are the most lazy things around and least mobile. This one wouldn't move till i had finished clicking like 40 pictures, then got bored, let out a yawn and majestically walked away.

This picture was taken around sunset two weeks ago. We (my wife and I) drove to see the beautiful rose garden near San Jose airport and i couldnt resist shooting this fly down as i was walking through the garden :-)

These seagulls are a very common sight on the beaches here. This one was caught red handed (or rather should i say red beaked) while trying to steal from the trash can at the Atlantic City boardwalk. Without the zoom lens, i would have scared the birdie away.

This is a pretty old picture, probably over two years old. I love taking macro pictures and this one came out pretty well. Spring time is a colorful time here in my apartment complex and the parking lots look pretty with colorful flowers. This one was right next to my parking spot and luckily i had my camera with me.

I have tons of other pictures waiting to be uploaded. Will post them as i find time :-)



  1. Hiee came from Rauf's blog...
    And wow..dis's ur first post on dis blog and mine is going to be the first comment? nice...
    Awesome pics here..tnx for sharing wid us...
    keep blogging..

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !! congrats yo ! how come you never told me about this blog, grrrr !!!
    but good job, keep it up :)

  3. Welcome to blogging shutter happy man! Great pictures, Terrific narration.
    I really don't know how to talk about my pictures. I talk on issues.

    See that your naighbour doesn't sue you for publishing his cat's picture, Is that a Cannon SLR ?

    Flower is just wonderful ! Our friend in England doesn't know about your blog I informed her yesterday.
    Sorry for late response, I was away, and this blogger had some problems opening comments page.

    Hoping to see some more pictures soon.

  4. Hi Rauf, I started blogging only last night. This being my first time in the blog world, it took me a while to understand how blogs work and i am still struggling. Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, that is a Canon EOS 30D :-) The last picture (one with the flower and the bee on it) was from my old Canon S230 which i still use.

    boo, you were supposed to be out for the F-1. What are you doing on the comp? just couldnt get this blog to work; i initially planned to tell you about this blog when you get back but now you know :-)

    Thanks gangadhar. I will share more pics, but i can tell for sure that mine wont be close to being as good as rauf's pics. His pics are absoulutey amazing.

  5. Gangadhar, i saw what you did to your blog. Pretty creative there. Good job :-)

  6. hey, what camera do you have? I love your pics so far... keep it up!

  7. Hi Chelsea, Welcome to my blog :-)
    These pictures were taken using Canon EOS 30D. Take care

  8. perfect title for perfect pictures .. sometimes u just have to go out with nothing in mind .. and u might find everything :)

  9. I misses seeing these pictures ari. Awesome. Love those alaskan and plain valley.


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