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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Eye In The Sky!

Here are some pictures i took during the numerous times i flew from the west coast to the east coast and back. I always make sure i get the window seat if im taking a day flight.

The original content and images from this post are now available on the new website. Click here or on image to be re-directed to the new site

The original content and images from this post are now available on the new website. Click here or on image to be re-directed to the new site

P.S: If you are curious to know what camera i used for these pictures, it is a Canon S230 Digital camera.


  1. Great Airel Shots shutter happy man!! Love the salt evaporation and the frozen sea pictures in particular. Great shots again.

    Here in Indian Airlines some one or the other jumps at you if you click. Once a passenger informed the airhostess that I am clicking pictures, she came and warned me that my camera would be confiscated.
    We are a big joke.

  2. WOWW! the clouds....they look like heaven. great photos!

  3. Thanks Rauf. I live for such moments :-) Cant miss a good shot when my camera is around. Yeah, i know what you are talking about, one airhostess on indian airlines asked me to shut my PDA off or she would take it away, it dint make sense at all.

  4. Thanks leila. I usually take night flights so i can catch up on my sleep. but ever since i took a day flight one time and saw how beautiful it really is up there, i hardly take night flights anymore. I have some strange fascination for the clouds and the sky.. the blue ambience stuffed with the soft fluffy clouds. Makes me feel happy thinking about it :-)

  5. Hi sweet Laila ! Your new profile picture is lovely because you are lovely.

    Aamir ! please look for Laila's comments, she is highly imaginative and a great thinker. Please check her blogs.

    We say ALLKATEE in Tamil, Chughli karne' waala, that saala was one buddha who was pissed with me in Gauhati Delhi flight which flies over the Himalayas. this Buddha had a window seat. I had to lean over him to take pictures, I was just viewing thru the camera when he reported to the air hostess. I did not take any pictures. I never had a window seat in any flight.

  6. Awesome pics,Aamir(?)...And Aamir is ur name,right?
    Thanks for ur comments about my blog in ur previous post..

  7. Fantastic pictures, bro ! didn't know those were taken by you. i thought you'd taken them off some site and put them on there to support your narration. Loved the salt water ponds and Lake Tahoe. Also, the snow-capped peaks and the desert. ok, ok, so i loved them all :D good job ( i'm gona steal your camera the next time i see you, tee hee hee )

  8. Oh wow!!Spectacular pictures all of them.
    The salt evaporation ponds are neat and thanks for providing the links, particularly the robertcampbell one.
    And I was curious to know which camera you used. Thanks again.:)

  9. hi e2d, welcome to my blog. I have two cameras the Canon S230 digital which is close to 4 years old now and the Canon EOS 30D which i got recently. The salt ponds were shot using the S230. Those ponds are amazing. They are close to where i live, but when i drove there once to see the ponds, i couldnt find any, maybe they are off-road and i need to walk a bit, but they definitely look pretty from up above.


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